Mike Nolan Obituary, Former 9NEWS Sportscaster Dies At 85

When he was working as a sports anchor in Denver for KMGH-Channel 7 and KUSA-Channel 9, the best place to find him on a given evening was at whichever sporting event was scheduled for that evening. He would be there if it weren’t for the fact that Nolan is scheduled to appear on the newscast that airs at his station at ten o’clock at night. In Santa Fe, the only activity that even comes close to resembling a sporting event is taking a bike ride around the central plaza of the city at a leisurely pace. And after some time, that will merely become tiresome and uninteresting.

Nolan attended Michigan State University for his undergraduate education before entering active duty in the United States Air Force. He was born and raised in Buffalo, which is located in the state of New York. Nolan’s career in television took him to Buffalo and Chicago before he finally found a place to call home in Colorado. Prior to that, he spent some time in Miami. After all of those stops, he decided to make Colorado his permanent residence.

He worked as a reporter back in the “good old days,” which refers to the time before computers took over the job and when newsrooms still used manual typewriters. “Nolan was hilarious, astute, and personable,” one of the anchors at 9NEWS named Tom Green said. “Everyone was aware of him, and they had some level of familiarity with him. At 9NEWS, he was a wonderful friend to many people and served as a mentor to a number of employees.”

Mike Nolan Obituary, Death – Mike Nolan, a longtime 9NEWS sportscaster died in Sante Fe, New Mexico, after a brief illness at age 85. In the late 1970s, Nolan began his career in the media industry by taking a job at Channel 9. He continued to report on Denver sports all the way up until…